Like its Biblical namesakes, the Anna and Simeon Ministry, serves as an outreach ministry for elders of the church to evangelize and spread the good news of the Messiah to residents in nursing homes/rehabilitation centers around the Bronx and NYC.  Members of this ministry go to the Grand Concourse Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center every month, and to Split Rock Nursing Home every other month to minister to residents.

They also go to hospitals to pray for and minister to the sick when called upon to do so.

You do not have to be an elder to join this ministry – everyone is invited to come along whenever they go out to minister.

Head of Department – Deaconess Mary Metzger

The Audio/Visual Ministry is responsible for the setup, maintenance, coordination, and use of the church’s audio, visual, and lighting technology used during services and for other special on-and-off site events.

The ministry’s mission is to glorify God by ensuring that His Word and our praise and song to Him are seen and heard clearly and without distraction or interference within our local church and throughout the world as it is broadcasted or distributed on media with the highest video and audio quality available.

This group of hardworking individuals have a passion for communicating the love of Christ through today’s cutting edge technology.

The Audio/Visual Team work closely with the pastors, worship leaders, musicians, actors and others to create powerful, dynamic and meaningful worship experiences for today’s church.

Although this ministry covers all local church needs that have to do with audio and visual technology, the most requested and needed functions of the ministry include:

  1. Broadcasting live audio and video to the sanctuary, other designated areas and internet.
  2. Recording audio and video during regular church services, and other special meetings.
  3. Audio and video editing or recorded services and other special events for archive, broadcast, and production.
  4. Production, duplication, and distribution of recorded audio and video files to fulfill order requests for sermon messages and other special events.
  5. Providing audio and video support for evangelistic outreaches and other special events outside of the church building.

Head of Department Deacon Oluwaseyi Raji

The Beautification Ministry at Chapel of Restoration ensures the interior of the House of God is beautifully decorated and inviting for members and visitors for worship and events.

Head of Department – Sis Abu Olatunji

The role of Chapel of Restoration Broadcasting Service (CRBS) is to effectively assist the Pastor in spreading the message of the Lord Jesus Christ to lost souls far and wide in a dynamic way.  The department does this by producing a weekly TV program, A New Song,  which airs in the surrounding areas of the Bronx and Brooklyn in New York City .

If you live in the Bronx , tune in to the following channels on Saturday/6pm:

  • Cablevision – Channel 70
  • Verizon Fios – Channel 36

If you live in Brooklyn, tune to the following channels on Sunday at 11:30am:

  • Time Warner Cable – Channel 34
  • Verizon Fios – Channel 42
  • Cablevision – Channel 67
  • RCN – Channel 82

The department also produces a weekly announcement, which airs in-house, to keep the congregation duly informed of all church activities.

Head of Department – Sis Ethlene Metzger

The goals of the Hospitality Ministry at Chapel of Restoration are as follows:

  • to create a great first time impression and remove unnecessary barriers to a repeat visit
  • welcoming all people to the church with a warm smile.

God has made us vibrant at RCCG Chapel of Restoration to give glory to our Lord Jesus Christ, and be a center for renewal of faith for individuals, families and congregation. Hospitality is originated from the bible, practiced by Abraham (Gen 18:2-8) and church leaders (1 Tim 3:2; Titus 1:8).

The duties of RCCG Chapel of Restoration Hospitality Ministry include:

  • All areas of ministry requiring use of the church kitchen (Setup, serve, clean up)
  • Prepare refreshments for church socials
  • Keep track of all supplies necessary for such events
  • Be alert to the needs of the church membership and ways to serve those needs
  • Written log of food and awareness of how much food is needed for functions
  • Arrange for meals for church families when needed
  • Assist the Pastoral Ministry to Provide hospitality arrangements for visiting pastors, missionaries, and special invited guests.

Head of Department Sis Funmi Daramola

The House Fellowship centers of Chapel of Restoration are smaller units of the Church where immediate needs of members are easily identified and met in a timely and respectable manner.

House fellowship centers create and promote an avenue for networking and a sense of belonging in a nuclear family like setting; which enhances growth and foster relationships.

The house fellowship centers are nondenominational which makes it open for non redeemed members to participate. We are promoting Christ in our immediate community by bringing Jesus Christ to our various communities with different community outreach programs.

House fellowship centers meet every second and fourth Sundays of each Month at various centers and at a time convenient for all members at the center.

Head of Department – Deaconess Toyin Raji

The Music Ministry at Chapel of Restoration exists to create an atmosphere of praise and worship for the glory of God to be made manifest to heal and deliver as people of all ages and race lift up the Holy and Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!

Head of Department – Deaconess Sade Akintunde

The Pastoral Care Ministry at Chapel of Restoration exists to attend to and wait on the needs of the Church Pastors and the guest ministers; making them feel very comfortable and at home.

The ministry’s aim is to create a positive and refreshing experience to all guest ministers that attend the Chapel of Restoration.

Head of Department – Sis Funmi Oyebode

The Search the Scriptures classes every Sunday at Chapel of Restoration have been a fascinating gathering through which the Word of God are taught by seasoned teachers.

The topics from the Search the Scriptures are tailored to build and transform lives in Christ Jesus.

I admonish everyone to attend the Search the Scriptures classes every Sunday to find the truth about our Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible says, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15 KJV).

Head of Department – Deacon Akinkunmi Akintunde

The Usher Ministry at The Chapel of Restoration exists to provide aid and support to the current members of the church and to direct and assist new members coming into the church. Ushers serve in the sanctuary, attending to the needs of the congregation and the pulpit.

The Usher Ministry occupy a strategic office in the life, image and embodiment of the gracious spirit of the church. Ushers present ourselves as instruments who introduce individuals to every practical expression of the church’s mission and to the presence of the Almighty.

Ushers help to maintain order and decorum during the service. They also help to collect the offering for the day.

Head of Department – Deaconess Yetunde Folami

The Welcome Team is responsible for meeting the guests after Sunday services/special programs and for welcoming them officially on behalf of the Pastor.

Guests are given a gift pack each and are encouraged to complete the Guest Card for follow-up purposes. Guests are followed-up by courtesy phone calls from members of the Welcome Team to check on their well-being and to pray with them, if they so desire. Emails are also sent to the guests by the Church Administrator to thank them for fellowshipping with us and to inform them of the schedules of the weekly and monthly meetings of the church.

On a quarterly basis, the Welcome Team organizes a formal church-sponsored luncheon, tagged ‘Meet the Pastor’, for new members of the church to meet the Pastor and the ministers of the church, to know more about the doctrines of the church and to ask questions.

As and when we identify members of the church who appear to be absent from the church for a significant period of time, members of the department would follow-up with such members by phone calls and, if necessary, inform the Pastor.

Head of Department – A/P (Mrs.) Olufunke Akinyemi

The Workers-In-Training course is designed to train members in the word of God to enable them serve effectively in the areas of their calling and gifting in accordance to the doctrines of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

The Baptismal classes are for any believer who has personally accepted Christ into his/her life as Lord and personal Savior and have not been baptized by immersion.

The course teaches the importance and symbolism of water baptism and how to continue living a victorious Christian life.

Baptism is administered by immersion at the end of the class.

Head of Department – Deaconess Timmy Owheruo

Joshua Generation are young women and men that have been called out to be outstanding in this generation.

We are passionate to see young adults manifest and be the voice that the world is waiting to hear. Women and men of standard that are not ashamed to declare that we can live holy, fear The Lord and still have SWAG (Saved With Amazing Grace). 

We are building kingdom heavyweights that will take the helms of the business world, health world, political world, technological world; taking back the land for Christ.

YASM Minister-In-Charge – Pastor Charles Folami

Young Adults Church